Shell Rotating Shelving Unit

Shell Rotating Shelving Unit

Are You a Book Lover? Extremely possessive of your precious paperbacks? Want a bookshelf to keep your little packets of knowledge safe? Sick of old, dreary and uninteresting bookshelves? Well, here’s a piece of contemporary furniture to cater to all your needs. The Shell Rotating Shelving Unit manufactured by Tema Home and sold at Inmod is the perfect addition for your living room, bedroom or family room.  While it looks simple, it has volumes of class hidden in those little nooks.
The pile of cubes neatly stacked on top of each other with a rotating base at the bottom is designed to “spin” you away. The designer Ricardo Maral has literally redefined bookshelves by giving this one a little edge that sets it apart from those huge, boring ones you’re so tired of. Made of Veneer/MDF/honeycomb, the piece is a wise investment and not the one that you would regret later.
Because of its cutting edge design, the piece is bound to be loved by young and old alike. It is lean, it is sleek and most of all (even though it doesn’t look like it) it offers a LOT of storage space. Place this piece in your desired space and give it the classy treatment it deserves with this neat little addition.



Available in walnut, black and white color


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