Bathroom design ideas

I am big fan of modern bathroom designs. You should design it with clean lines and not to many color. My favorite bathroom color is white together with oak. Stone ore marble is also great, if you can afford it but don’t make everything in marble. Remember: Less is more.  Even if it is not very practical, I like minimal look just like on the picture of modern bathroom below. Great combination of colors and materials. Dark marble goes so well with darker wood. Doesn’t it?

very modern-bathroom-design


If you have place for bathtub it is a must. We all have bad days, get tired from work or just want to get romantic. For all this matter bathtub will help you a lot!  Also from design perspective, nice modern bathtub embellish the room a lot.



modern-oak bathroom-designs


A lot of designers combine bathroom and bedroom together. It is very practical. Bathroom and bedroom supposed to be very intimate rooms and you don’t show them to every person who visits you. That is why they go really well together. Also when you wake up in the morning and go to shower it is very near. Practical right? Your place should have two bathrooms. One mostly better and more expensive for you and second for everybody else. Below are two examples of designers who did combine this two rooms together.



modern-bathroom with bedroom-design 2

Modern-Bathroom with-Bedroom-Design