Cottage interior design

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My cottage interior design would be modern. I am fan of comfy modern sofa combined with  rest of modern furniture. Fireplace is big must but it doesn’t have to be modern. Don’t cover support bem in cottage interior. They just looks so much better visible on the ceiling. Combine earth colors with brick and wood. You will blend your interior with nature and whole design will look so much better.

cottage interior design

When you searh details in interior design try to get some organic shapes, maybe some natural materials also. For example – buy yourself lamp made of Wood and beige  linen. I found  one produced by company Danform.

Danform lamp
modern cottage interior
modern oak Cottage-interior Design

Oak is very trendy this year. Combine it with white, beige, brown and little black. Put some nice sofa near your big window and fill your batteries and relax from hard work. You deserve it 🙂