Crazy furniture design

Sometimes also furniture designs can be crazy. First example of crazy furniture design is Good boy lamp by designer whatshisname.  He was born in the eastern Poland in 1982. Today he lives and works in London, UK. His aim is to encourage the public to look at surrounding world and question it in derisive, jeering way. An alias “Whatshisname” is inspired by the Green Day song “Whatsername” from American Idiot album. More about artist here.



Next item is creative  And Unusual Lamp By Tembolat Gugkaev. Tembolat Gugkaev is a Russian designer, which surely goes to the world level. Working with plants and enterprises around the world, he won fame in the design industry. His works are distinguished by the originality and freshness of the decisions and have already received their fans in many countries in Europe, America and Asia. More about artist here.




Next crazy furniture design is The Spider Phoebe couch. It is fun creation from designer Zuoguang Wu. It was finished with a metal frame and fire resistant foam, France Lilivere fabric and movable legs. In addition it integrates a computer workstation for laptop users, allowing them work in a nice reclining position






We found out interesting and cute Alice in wonderland couch. This crazy design definitely made us look on furniture from different prospective. Designer unknown.





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