Delta Composition by Tema Home

Delta Composition 004

For those who own small living spaces yet want to decorate their space and design it in a functional manner, storage units are the perfect solution. However, it is of utmost importance to make a right choice with storage units as functionality and design, both matters.

Delta Composition 004, a storage unit sold at Inmod and manufactured by Tema Home is a sleek piece that serves all its purposes well. It has a large number of shelves set at various angles that give the whole structure a classy and chic edge. It is a piece that is primarily designed to add character to any living room while allowing the user to utilize the storage space.

contemporary-storage-units-and-cabinets (1)
Available in Pure Black and Pure White, both these colors guarantee to catch the eye instantly. The materials it is made from are Mat Lacquer/MDF/Honeycomb which assure the sturdiness while keeping the composition modern contemporary. It might be deemed as loud by some, however, those who want to add a sophisticated edge to their décor will find it perfect for their taste. This piece might seem humble but by pairing it up with the right furniture you can accentuate any living space. It is not just good to look at but also is remarkably functional because of all the storage space it holds.




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