Dendara Wire Table

Dendara Wire Table

Coffee tables and accent tables add volume to a living room by leaps and bounds. If the right choice is made, the whole living room comes alive because of just one little table. Unique and modern additions brighten up the whole living room and bring out the rest of the furniture as well.

The Dendara Wire Table manufactured by Interlude Home and sold by their outlets has a bold and unique pattern that catches the eye quickly. Made of steel and molded in an intricate pattern, the table is truly a piece of art. It is a minimalistic piece yet one that is bound to compliment the rest of the furniture even if the other pieces in the room are very simple.

dendara wire table

The factor that makes the piece as functional as it is beautiful is that the structure is made of steel which ascertains sturdiness. One does not have to worry about the functionality of the table as the structure is well thought out and is easy on the eyes as well. For a lover of modern and contemporary furniture, this piece is DEFINITELY eye candy and a must have. However, those with a conservative and toned down taste in living room décor might find it too loud and bold for their taste. 


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