Do it yourself Bench

We found out realy nice do it yourself bench project for you. All you need is some old brick and natural timber wood. Color your brick on whatever color you want and mach it with bench cushion. Underneeth put some nice oak timber wich is very popular this year.

great do it your self bench design


You can also make your own bench out of paletts. It is very easy to do it and also very nice looking. Just decorate it with some nice cushions and maybe paint it with some nice pastel color. And it is almost free!

palette bench

Another example of do it yourself bench is even easier to make. You need brick and some nice pastel cushions and you are done! Isn’t it lovely?

brick do it yourself bench

If your place has lack of color just think about this bench. My advice is to use pastel colors which are very popular and combine it with oak wood. White is also ok but oak would be better.

colorful-do it yourself bench

Do it yourself hanging bench is also option. Color it white and hang it under your favorite tree. When you need to relax, read a book or talk with your best friend, think about this lovely bench. It is not so hard to make and with little will I am sure you will make excellent bench.



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