Eco Friendly Modern Living Room

When it comes to modern living room interior designs, lots of new designers are concentrating more on creating eco friendly designs that can contribute in making of a smart house. The use of large windows and glass ceiling is becoming more and more common to allow natural light into the room to save the energy needs of the place.


The living room in the picture below is the prime example of such modern designs with a lot of glass, bright colors and creative use of furniture. The concept is to keep the place bright without consuming energy with the help of bright shades, wide windows that allow natural light into the room.

It is all about keeping the room simple with only the necessary furniture without compromising the comfort level of the space. The less furniture means that there is more way for the light to pass through to other parts of the house.



All in all, the modern eco friendly living room designs are becoming more and more popular as people seek to turn their houses into energy efficient structures.


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