Elli hall furniture by Sudbrock

Elli hall furniture

is made in Germany by company Sudbrock. Program Elli is modular furniture  designed in very modern way. It can be bought  in several colors combined with panels  in high-quality real wood veneer walnut finish. Combination with bench makes this hall furniture also very practical. It is available in three different sizes and it serves not only as a bench but also as a wardrobe element. You can choose between 14 attractive for the body. Recesses serve to hook in the coat hangers, metal hooks and shelves. 

sudbrock elli hall furniture




Elli sudbrock curved-hall-furniture

sudbrock elli curved-hall-furniture

Most important thing for company Sudbrock is quality of its furniture.  They use latest technology and manual skills to manufacture contemporary furniture that is absolutely perfectly designed, practical and functional. Studbrock is specialised in the production of individual system furniture. These innovative furnishing systems offer unlimited design freedom.  The company is now in the third generation and under the successful management of  Johannes and Theres Sudbrock. Qualified staff produce excellent handmade quality “Made in Germany”. More about their furniture here.


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