Gautier furniture

Gautier is French furniture designer with 50 years of tradition. Company built its reputation with children’s bedrooms. Gautier products are guaranteed with amazing five year guarantee. It is  designed in line with French and European standards and can withstand being assembled and disassembled several times. His owner Patrice Gautier has always emphasized the importance of the quality of his furniture and the checks carried out throughout the whole manufacturing process. This demanding standard continues today with Dominique Soulard, the current CEO at Gautier furniture.

cameo-gautier furniture 3 demoiselle-gautier children room for girls

Design has been an integral strategic focus for innovation and differentiation in company since it was created. Fifty years on, the Gautier design studio continues to create great design. They are also well know to change their products very often. Normally Gautier furniture  changes 20% of their products each year. They don’t wait to long to remove program from production and add some new in. This is great for final costumer – Every year something new but bad for showrooms. They need to sell out expositions in their showroom really fast.

preface gautier furniture living room

If you like what you see you can click here and see more of their good looking furniture. If you decide to buy it you will not regret it. Quality will not dissapoint you. 5 year guarantee, soft edges and soft closing sistem will make your buy timless.