IMM Cologne furniture color trends 2015

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I visited this year biggest furniture trade fair which was held in Cologne, Germany.  Furniture color trends 2015 are moving towards White oak in combination with dark colors. Color looks nice, moder and natural at the same time. Dark colors are black, anthracite, lava or even concrete imitation. If you ask me, I am not big fan of concrete but in some cases it look quite nice. I like bellow example which is Malone program produced by Parisot. It is made of particleboard in this years popular white oak combined with concrete imitation. It includes nice secret place under the top so stash your favorite sugar underneth.

white oak bedroom - furniture color trends 2015

Example of white oak bedroom from German producer Wimex – Furniture Color trends 2015

concrete coffee table -  furniture color trends 2015

Coffee table Malone with concrete imitation


Natural oak in combination with white color is still very present and by my opinion  will stay many years more. Scandinavian design is making big influence on todays furniture and they love oak and white color.  Very popular selling color in central europe is still Sanremo oak presented last year on IMM Cologne. Also Sonoma oak still sells well which was presented two years ago. White color is timeless and I will be present all the time. White makes room bigger, it is modern and it can be combined with almost all colors.