Industrial Archeology Furniture

Industrial Archeology Furniture is inspired by the industrial revolution at the beginning of the 19th century and industrial buildings of that time. In Western Europe, the Dutch Designer, Mieke Meijer created a series of new furniture designs based on industrial Archeology theme. Her new designs are based on the work of German artists Bernd and Hilla Becher, who used photography to preserve the remnants of industrial age of Europe before they were torn apart to make way for the modern industrial development.
In her new series of Industrial archeology furniture, she takes inspiration from the shapes of old industrial buildings in Western Europe to design her furniture with a new context. Her new furniture designs as in the picture gives you an impression of architectural touch with an overall shape of an industrial structure.
The Industrial Archeology furniture is not only pleasant to eyes, but it also contains a great storage capacity that can add a unique touch in the room where it is placed. As most of her furniture designs are big that consumes a lot of volume, they are a perfect option for rooms that are big enough and can accommodate large structures like these. The design in the picture is called PowerPlant 01 that is inspired by the Marquant Eindhoven Building, a heritage industrial structure owned by Philips.

gravelplant 2010

Gravelplant 2010 – Part of a series based on industrial archeology. By playing with volume and shape, autonomous interior objects arise.

balance lamp 2012

Balance lamp 2012 – The improved edition of the Balance lamp presented during the Salone del Mobile Milan.

Frameworks 2013

Frameworks 2013 – Frameworks shows the possibilities of a system based on that of lattice constructions.

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