Industrial Furniture Designs by Jim Zivic

Jim Zivic is known for his light and multipurpose industrial furniture designs that are different from other more common heavy and strong industrial furniture. He is more inclined towards the industrial furniture design that is light in weight and effortless in moving and placing in the room. Usually, industrial design furniture are hard to move between the rooms that makes it an unwanted choice for those who want to frequently redecorate their living or working space but not with Zivic’s designs.
Bin Storage Credenza, the piece of furniture in the picture above provides a separate removable storage bins that is built by the use of light metal. You can move this piece easily by removing all the storage bins and moving them separately.
Some of his other designs include Bin Storage shelving unit that also contains removable storage bins.

bin storage credenca

He also designed an office table “Gem Light with Articulated Arm” that is light, strong and easily movable with a sleek pleasant looking design. There is also a storage unit under one of the side table to meet the needs of working environment.

Gem Light with Articulated Arm

Here aare some other interesting designs by Jim Zivic. If you would like to see more, you can also visit his homepage and contact him directly.




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