Modern carpets

What are actually modern carpets? For me it is a carpet without some oriental or similar old simbol embroided. Modern carpets mostly have fluid shaped simbols or maybe just one color and long fibers. You won’t find and oriental carpet with long fibers.


One of my favorite designers in carpet industry is Sonya Winner. All ot her rugs are handmade and done manually. New Zealand and Tibetan wool is her main material but they also use silk.  Wool is dyed with Swiss dyes to achieve the vibrant colours for which Sonya is very famous (these dyes are free from Azo-based compounds that can be harmful to human skin). After the yarn is dyed and dried in the sun, it is spooled into balls which are then ready to be woven. Prices are depending on size of the carpet. You can read more about her here.

sonya-winner modern carpets designer

My favorite carpet she designed is definite After Matisse. It is definitely her master piece. She carefully positioned clean colors and mixed them together to create planes of color which overlap and create the effect of transparency, luminosity and light. This carpet is my pure example of modern carpets.

Sonya-Winner-after-matisse modern carpets

Sonya-Winner-after-matisse-area modern carpets rugs

If you don’t have enought money to afford Sonya’s carpet you can always find alternitive solution. My advice is Lalee. Their carpets are made mostly in Pakistan but they are situated in Germany. They are biggest Europe importer of carpets. You can find realy nice, good looking and quality modern carpets in their range. And you probably won’t pay more than 250 Eur for the. Visit Opremisidom to see their collection and prices.

gab 550 modern carpet

Above you can see carped caled Gabbeh. It is also Handmade. Material is 100% wool and 9 mm high. Price of their carpet in maximum size of 200 x 290 cm would be 390 Eur and it is one of their expensier carpets. Not bad for alternitive. Now you have all the informations about modern carpets. Go and find your favorite one!  🙂