New York by Sergio Bicego

Sergio Bicego was born  in 1953 . He was always fascinated by the world surrounding him so he devoted himself researching building forms and techniques. In 1991 he opened his studio as an independent designer and in 1993 he came across Saba Italia.One of my favorite designs made by Sergio Bicego is definitely New York armchair. It was designed in 2012. Modern look, great design and quality materials carry his name of Big Apple with pride. Two color  combination and odd irregular shapes are by opininon key element in this design. Structure is made from 12 mm rod. Seat is made in perforated sheet metal chromed or in color. The cushion is filled with washed and sterilized goose down quilted into section and covered with 100% cotton 100%and polyurethane foam core. Chair dimensions are 79 x 74 x 83 cm. Seat high is 42 cm. Price  for New York armchair is around 1000 eur.

New York by Sergio Bicego saba italia


New York by Sergio Bicego saba italia orange blue grey
So don’t go with one color because you will not give this magnificent chair proper attention. You can choose from multiple color combinations and make your self best possible design peace for you living room or bedroom. Did I mention that cover is also removable and washable?  🙂 Visit Saba Italia for more information here.


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