Nordlux design lights

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Light, element of interior design is important principle and can make or brake overall design. Nordlux design lights are designed for people in a vision for creating products at a price which allows almost everyone to afford it. Their quality and look will last for years. Be inspired with them and see whole new light in different perspective.

nordlux design lights - artis

One of their new design lights collection is Artist. Balance and elegance are Artists’s main strength. As spectator we are fascinated by the act and carried away by the feel of atmosphere. It is stylish pendant light which can be used as a single light or in a cluster, You can order it in copper or grey color.

nordlux design lights - spider

This pendant lamp hangs as it was spider on a silk thread, waiting for passersby. The inspiration for the design came from spider. With its gentle expression and dimmable LED light, this design light will grab your attention for sure.

Collection Pure design lights was first created as pendant and a star was born. It was design in a way so it can be expend to a family of designs and furthermore today we have also  floor lamp and wall lamp. Top is made out of FSC certified walnut wood. Pure provides us with a stylish simple line and its sleek design will easy find place in your heart.

nordlux design lights - pure pendant

nordlux design lights - pure floor lamp

nordlux design lights - pure wall lamp