Nykredit Headquaters by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Nykredit Headquaters is one of the Denmark leading mortgage banks. They do also retail and investment banking. It was bulit next to Copenhagen Harbour. With its ten storey glass structure it is one of Copenhagen’s largest office buildings. For me best in Nykredit Headquaters design are suspended meeting rooms from the third and fifth floor. Decoration in the building was made by several internationally recognised artists.

nykredit headquarters

Nykredit-Headquaters-suspended meeting rooms 2

Nykredit-Headquaters-suspended meeting rooms

Despite the building’s  glass structure, thermal load is reduced by using the water from the nearby harbour to cool the building. Nykredit Headquaters was awarded with international design award for best office Building in 2002. With its unique design it is still one of my favorite office building ever made. If you like their work visit architects hme page here.