Pallet furniture

Furniture can be sometimes really expensive. If you need cheap, durable and also in some way design looking just think about Pallet furniture. With a little creative energy and ”googling” threw web you can find creative solutions for your home. You can make yourself really nice looking bed, bench, sofa or some kind of outdoor furniture.


First example pallet furniture colored with bright vivid colors. It looks like Missoni in cheaper way 🙂 Put some nice comfy pillows on you pallet sofa and it will look and feel great.

pallet- furniture -coffee table

Really nice example of pallet coffee table. Great functional design.Skill hand, some nails, little glue and sand paper will be  must buy list for this beauty.

pallet-bedHere you don’t need to be master craftsman to make yourself pallet bed like this. Just put them and fix together.  Buy yourself some white paint and soft mattress to put on finished master peace.