Re-use of old furniture

Re-use of old furniture

There is lot of great ways to re-use old peace of furniture and make your room unique. You can find out some of the best re-use of old furniture below.

First re-use are old door reused in to lovely vintage mirror with hager or in another example in to corner shelving unit.  You can color furniture with white and make vintage look appiriance which is very trendy these days.


vintage reuse of furniture

door in to corner rack

re-use of old doors

2. Second example of old furniture re-use are old wooden baskets made in to great looking towel rack. Everybody can do this. It is so easy, cheap and great looking at same time. This kind of furniture will add  a lot of value and uniqness to your home.

reuse old baskets in to towel rack

3. Another example are pallets. You can made lot of interesting, great looking and inexpensive furniture. For coffee table all you need is 3 pallets, 4 rollers little glue and white paint. Coffee table is not only thing you can make. Pallets are very practical and you can make almost everything. See some inspiration below.bed made of pallets - furniture made of pallets

coffee table made of palletts

coffee table mado of pallets

vine shelf made of palets - furniture made of palets



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