Scandinavian interior design

Scandinavian interior design is definitely one of my top designs inspirations to choose from or to get inspired. It is popular in very wide population because it looks light and calm but still charming and modern. It’s main characteristic are simplicity, functionality, elegance and definitely beauty. Scandinavian interior design uses light, fresh colors and clean furniture lines. Light is also very important which has to be unique and diverse. Ambiental light is also a must. For ambiental lighting we use floor, wall or table lamps. Don’t use curtains on the windows. Scandinavian people loves interior and exterior to be conected.

PRIVAT APARTMENTOn the picture above is great example of properly design living / dining room in scandinavian style. Designer did not use any curtains and light passing through. Colors are light with just the right amount of color. Great pick for table and chairs also.

scandinavian interior design-ed living room

Wow…. I feel relaxed just look at this room. Fabolous, clean and modern look. I love the carpet which goes perfectly with sofa and small table in the middle. Decoration is also well choosen. No curtains again. Great example of scandinavian interior design.

One of my favorite and most important scandinavian interior designers are Arne Jackobsen and Alvar Alto. Their design is timeless. Just think about Egg chair.  Just perfect  🙂

scandinavian interior design - egg-chair by arne-jacobsen

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