TAGEI Convertible Furniture

TAGEI Convertible Furniture

Tagei convertible furniture was designed by Akemi Tanaka. A table and a fancy looking bench is always a need of well decorated living road, but what about if you have both in one? Yes, it is possible as the famous Brooklyn Designer, Akemi Tanaka design a piece of furniture called Tagei Convertible that converts from table into bench. The Japanese word Tagei means versatility. Akemi Tanaka, already designed multiple furniture pieces in past that serves dual purposes like Futaba unfolding couch/table is making her mark in the interior design industry with her unique yet very creative and eco friendly designs.

tagei by akemi tanaka

Tagei is another interesting addition in the line of Plyboo furniture with the use of upholstery sitting space. The seat folds down into a compact table that can serve as a coffee table in any living room. The piece of furniture not only serves multiple purposes but its rusty wood design is also eye catching that can add value to any living room.

tagei convertible furniture by akemi tanaka

 The transformation time is also in seconds that makes it a very handy piece of furniture for families to use in their homes. Tagei is a perfect piece of furniture that can provide for the extra seating space during parties without adding more seats to the room.


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