Van Der Poll Jetstream desk

Van Der Poll Jetstream desk is aviation inspired desk. Desk was launched at their exhibition during the Salone del Mobile. The Jetstream is constructed out of a steel subframe covered by a thin layer of polyester finished with color and clear coating. Use of  steel gives an impression of the modern industrial design with an eye catching shine and glossy look.The center table can add value to any living room with its sharp color and shiny surface that can catch the eyes of the visitors instantly.



The table designed by the famous designer, Marjin Van Der Poll, is built to create a strong impression on the visitors. It can sit in the middle of the living room as the integral part of the room decoration.  This is among the few pieces of furniture that plays the central part of your room decoration and allows you to decorate the room around it.  The table also won a “Good Design Award” from The Chicago Design Museum of Architect and Design. More abaut designer here.


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