Wood Casting Industrial design

The eye catching table and stool design is creation of the emerging furniture designer, Hilla Shamia. These wood casting industrial design pieces of furniture are produced as a result of a creative combination of cast aluminum and wood. The base is made up of cast aluminum to give the structure more strength while the surface and top of the tables and benches are made up of wood with a rustic look. These tables give you an impression of a design that is more of a mixture of rustic and industrial design.
Even though, the designer gives it a rustic look with a use of wood at the surface but the design is pretty neat. It is an excellent piece of furniture that can be places in an outdoor garden that can go well with the surroundings. If you are bold and want to add more unique look to your living room, you can also place the tables at the side of your room especially if you want to make use of some indoor plants. These designs can go well with the interiors that use indoor plants as an integral part of their indoor decorations.
All in all, this looks like a very creative and pleasant looking design by Hilla Shamia.

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